Fly Ash: The Next Green Building Material for Construction

One of the most common sources of energy production is coal-fired power plants These plants use several million tons of coals for generating electricity each year. During the process, coal-fired power plants produce waste products which are called coal combustion products. These products include fly ash, synthetic gypsum, bottom ash and several other products.

Out of all these products fly ash is used extensively nowadays for constructional purposes. It is combined with calcium hydroxide to form needed components that are used in construction such as sand, clay, gravel and limestone. Fly ash produces a durable concrete that possesses various properties such as resistance to harsh chemicals.

Other advantages include reduce mining of traditional raw materials that are used to make cement, conservation of water, reduction in landfill disposition and much more. Due to all these advantages, there is a sudden rise of fly ash suppliers in India who supply activated fly ash across India and overseas.

An Indian research on fly ash defines how its properties such as like low specific gravity, ease of compactness, good frictional properties make it desirable for construction of embankments, roads, reclamation of low lying areas. The results in the research clearly evaluats fly ash in terms of strength, economical feasibility, impact on the environment and find out great gains of using it in construction.

There are several thermal power plants and refineries in India that are making fly ash as part of CSR initiative. Moreover, several state governments are encouraging entrepreneurs in the area of fly ash bricks and educating people about this environment-friendly construction material. From small fly ash supplier in Delhi/NCR to large supplies the quality of fly ash can vary but the benefits of it can’t be ignored.

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